1. You can see how easy it is to start a program on the VIAT Home device.

2. In this video of a few minutes, you can learn how to choose from the programs of the VIAT Home device and learn about their operation.

3. The video shows how the VIAT Scanner Pro works. During the testing, it becomes clear in a minute or two what resonance frequencies the scanner has found in the examined person.

4. The VIAT Professional device comes with a touch screen and offers the best for professional users. You can choose between direct and program mode, with over 600 frequency packets available for the latter. The VIAT Professional device communicates with the VIAT Scanner Pro, is able to receive the measured data and use them to output individual frequencies.

5. In the video below, we can follow the behavior of ciliate-shoes (Paramecium) under a microscope and in real time as a result of using frequency management, i.e. resonance frequencies. It is worth observing the changes in the initially peaceful and calm swimming of the little slipper animals, first their speeding up, spinning, then their slowing down, and finally we can see how (with one or two exceptions) they become motionless and die.