Analogue sinusoidal plasma radiation

During operation, the plasma tube emits radio-frequency spherical radiation, magnetically displaced by 90 degrees, scattered along the plasma tube axis, alternating sinusoidally, so that it exerts its desired effect inside organic organisms, depending on the frequency range and amplitude set.

The plasma emitter emits an analogue sinusoidally modulated, clean, regular resonance frequency, capable of near-linear emission from ultrasound to short waves (between 5 Hz and 1 MHz).

The device has a grounded star point, the plasma tube is electrically discharged and therefore completely harmless, with a maximum power output of 70 W.

The plasma tube contains a vacuum-coated noble gas charge with a frequency excitation of 1,5 MHz.

Frequencies used

It is important to know that all pathogens have their own, i.e. resonant, frequencies in the band between 50 and 1500 kHz, while the human frequency range is between 1500 kHz and 11-12 MHz. In other words, all resonant frequencies are outside the range that can affect the human body. VIAT devices are designed to “superimpose” the carrier frequency of the plasma radiation with the anti-pathogen resonance frequencies between 5 Hz and 800 kHz.

Harmless to humans

The situation is similar when listening to a radio programme. The frequency of the radio transmission also passes through the body, but it does not have any undesirable effects on humans.

In other words, frequency treatment against certain pathogens can in no way cause harm to humans. (This fact has been confirmed by a study carried out in Hungary at the National Institute of Public Health’s radiobiology laboratory.)

The innovative technology of the VIAT devices has been tested by the RT-Europe Research Center, the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the Szechenyi István University in Gyor, both in Hungary and by the Hungarian National Centre for Public Health.

Pathogen eradication

with 99%


The VIAT devices are not considered medical devices and have not been officially approved for therapeutic use.