Viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites?

Pathogen eradication with 99% efficiency

The development and persistence of most diseases is related to pathogens. Bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites are responsible for infections, and even the majority of chronic diseases that have existed for years depend on the persistent presence of pathogens.

The “heart” of VIAT electromagnetic plasma emitters is the frequency generator. The non-contact frequency technology has been proven to be harmless to humans and can be used to selectively and effectively kill pathogens.

The official radiobiological laboratory tests show that the device does not damage human body tissues during its operation and is completely harmless to them. VIAT devices are CE certified.

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VIAT devices have been proven to be more than 99% effective

by tests at Szechenyi Istvan University in Gyor, Hungary.

In these tests, the extraordinary effectiveness of plasma technology with the appropriate resonance frequency was proven for 8 different pathogens–bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

VIAT devices are manufactured by VI-At plasmawave Ug in Neutraubling (Germany) based on Hungarian technology.

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